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Tourbillon watch, known as the king of mechanical watches, represents the highest level of mechanical watch manufacturing. In 2002, Peacock Watch developed the first tourbillon watch, and added the date, power reserve and automatic functions on the basis of tourbillon watch to improve the watch collection value. 10 years later, Peacock Watch developed a double- tourbillon watch (Tourbillon cage was in 5 O’clock position & 7 O’clock position) with independent intellectual property, which looked like the beautiful big eyes of owl. In China, only Peacock Watch can make the double- tourbillon in 5 &7 O’clock position, and around the world, only two watch brands can produce this kind of tourbillon. In 2017, Peacock T.S double- tourbillon with sporting external appearance is developed, and this tourbillon has awarded the patent of external design.