60 years Jihouchengqi peacock.

In the middle of May, a Rolex watch named "Bao Bao" was auctioned at the auction of rich arts, with a drop shot of more than 5 million 60 thousand Swiss francs to refresh the Rolex wrist watch auction record. In awe at the same time, we can not help but find that those astronomical collections, watches, cars, calligraphy and painting, and so on, are rich games. Can not ordinary consumers have a piece of their own watches? Certainly. - Peacock watches!
The peacock proudly Nirvana rebirth
The development of the peacock watch is a concise history of the typical Chinese craftsman's spirit, but it is a long and difficult process.
In 50s, seven technical workers, Anton a metal products factory, with an inch mirror, a screwdriver, a pair of tweezers to watch play the most incisive. Seven people learned from each other and honed their skills, and finally made a watch in 1957 and named it "Qianjin card"". Table seven plant development, the essence and spirit of watchmaking craftsmen also will continue to expand and develop, and has developed A61 type "Liaoning" brand watches, "evergreen" brand watches, "red card" calendar watch, the "red card" calendar watch later renamed the "Peacock" brand watches. Peacock brand completed a real brand change, but also began to be known by many people and talked about the glorious years.
In the last century, in 80s, peacock watch is blowing a peacock fever, and its fiery buying scene, the image of the media known as "Peacock flying, do not stay."". However, with the rise of the quartz watch, it poses a fatal blow to the manufacture of traditional mechanical watches all over the world. Peacock watches, like many famous Swiss watches brand, suffered a disaster. In this context, the peacock watch choice Faded Glory, blossoming attention skills, recover the original simplicity.
Until 1999, peacock watch developed the multi-function mechanical sports watch, the whole movement has more than 280 parts, complex structure, advanced technology. The peacock watch with the spirit of the movement of condensed ingenuity, proudly rebirth! Switzerland was also only a small number of enterprises to produce, it represents the world's advanced level of watch manufacturing.
Concentrate on R & D, quality from the core
Focusing on R & D and innovation of mechanical watch movement is the pursuit mission of peacock watches. In 2002, the company successfully developed the tourbillon watch called "the king of mechanical watches". More calendar, energy display and automatic functions are added to this table. However, peacock watch makers have been pursuing higher skills. After studying and breakthrough, finally developed with independent intellectual property rights of the peacock double Tourbillon movement, and is a magnificent 5 points and 7 points.
In 2012, the peacock watch with double Tourbillon table, two seconds after chronograph and independent intellectual property rights of the female Tourbillon table and has international standard thin automatic calendar watch and other high-end products CLS unveiled at the Hongkong International Watch Fair, the industry marvel. Also in 2014, the successful completion of joint venture with Switzerland 1150 movement project, a strong foothold in the international market. Peacock watch self movement, the average unit price in the country's most, more than second, nearly 1.5 times, enough to prove the quality of the peacock movement of the tip.
Originality of 60 years, peacock Yan Square
In 2017, peacock watch ushered in the 60th anniversary birthday, as the 60th anniversary tribute, peacock watch will bring Peacock T.S series watches new products unveiled in 2017 China (Shenzhen) International Watch show. Peacock T.S series watches over 3 years, with independent intellectual property peacock semi hollow tourbillon movement. This machine consists of 146 parts, inlaid with 19 jewels, the tourbillon weighs only 0.4 grams, with a natural diamond, the movement to strengthen the shock absorber, each splint to exquisite hand polished different patterns, followed by dozens of watchmaking craftsmen hand assembled, and specially invited to the creation of oil painting masters of the appearance of the table. What is worth mentioning is that this watch is the first watch with a light weight, strong strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance made of carbon fiber material, thus greatly enhancing its light sports properties.
Now the peacock watch is not subject to any restriction in all areas of research and development and production, even all aspects can invincible,And this peacock tourbillon T.S watch is to shake the world for hundreds of years of luxury Tourbillon technology inheritance and subversion, giving it a "movement" of the new interpretation.
This set of sports, fashion in one of the PEACOCK T.S series is the anniversary of the first paragraph, the limited edition, each table has its own unique identity information on behalf of DNA, steps, each of the production process, the time it craftsman, all of these records, worth 100 years of collection. Its price is set to be 1/10 of the world's watches,Let us look forward to the 2017 Chinese (Shenzhen) International Watch Fair, common appreciation of Yoshi's peacock peacock!