The return of the peacock watches is a revolution and a revolution

A strong return,and "quality Tourbillon popularity" as the mission of the peacock table brand, will bring the peacock Peacock T.S series the return of the king, this is a blend of traditional craftsmanship, innovative technology and outstanding design of modern Tourbillon movement, and is full of ingenuity of the element、The glorious return of the peacock watch industry is like a "peacock revolution" - the design revolution, the price revolution, and the commercial revolution.

Tinker wheel

 - high quality comes from self core, and confidence comes from Tourbillon

The peacock watch since its inception has been to new research and development as the core competitiveness of enterprises, the core supporting automatic movement (hairspring, spring, stone, antivibrator) is currently the only independent innovation, R & D, manufacturing company. As early as 2002, peacock had successfully developed Tourbillon watches, called "king of mechanical watches", to achieve the highest achievement in the watchmaking industry. 10 years later, peacock watch developed a dual Tourbillon movement with independent intellectual property rights, It was located at 5 points and 7 points, just like the big eyes of owls. In China, peacock is the advanced brand that can make this point double Tourbillon movement, and in the world, only peacock watch and jade ball can produce this double tourbillon watch. The peacock on Tourbillon table visible in R & D and production of the intensive and meticulous farming and resourceful.

Independent intellectual property rights - International Tourbillon watches

The peacock table lasted 3 years, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the peacock hollowing - Tourbillon movement - Peacock Peacock T.S series, the core is composed of 146 parts, inlaid with 19 jewels, the tourbillon weighs only 0.4 grams, with a natural diamond movement, strengthen the vibration avoiding device, and then by dozens of watchmakers hand assembled, and invited the creation of oil painting masters of the appearance of the table, symmetric fusion aesthetics, making full use of the unique movement of the cover plates and the splint just perfect hollow highlight the original mechanical beauty,It has been awarded the patent technology of movement design, which can be called "international Tourbillon watch"!

The first feature Tourbillon Watch - highlighting the unique era of tension"

    China's first carbon fiber material made of watchcase tourbillon, light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the four advantages, highlighting the sports properties, and more particularly strengthen the shock absorber.

Hollow movement: Peacock Tourbillon to hollow form so that the movement and the internal structure exposed, not only can see this unique "rotating escapement regulator", but also see it in the watch with the other parts to cooperate,Equipped with peacock hollowing - Tourbillon movement with independent intellectual property rights, not unique ingenuity to create the ultimate copy.

The unique aesthetics: inviting painting masters design appearance, the dial space along the axis of symmetry of art, aesthetics and fusion of scattered, elaborate, bottom arc lines like highways cross spread; scale up the traditional surface and nail, making full use of the unique core cover plate and the splint just perfect hollow, highlight the original mechanical beauty.

Color design: Peacock Tourbillon on both inside and outside of the United States, namely the internal parts of exquisite carving, stylish eye-catching exterior; four kinds of sports style "red (red), warm male (yellow), geeks (blue), the influx of coffee (green)," three "business style Knight (rose, gold) the leader (Yin Bai), a yuppie (cool black) respectively shows seven DNA unique identity information. On the one hand, in line with the brand name "Peacock" unique features, on the other hand, fully consider the time when consumers buy watches, focusing on the "aesthetic" demand,And won the second China watch and clock design competition and many other awards, by the industry and consumers.


Time tension: owning a self operated machine factory and a powerful R & D team, each peacock Tourbillon has its unique features in the tourbillon field. Peacock T.S series watch is a semi hollow Tourbillon movement with independent intellectual property rights.

60 years' core. - the return of the king, I come round

In 2017, the industry will usher in 60th anniversary birthday, and that Peacock T.S series is the peacock peacock brand 60 years after the incursion, rather it is the peacock table for more than half a century after an emotional work. As the business leaders, art masters, after the struggle and research, training and brilliant, to return to life itself, review the long been the movement of vitality, re burning the original passion, and then set out,Do a thousand sails, infinite vitality!

Global recruitment - seize business opportunities, brave king


Marketing is king, 60 years of classic brand, marketing route is completely different from traditional industries, uphold the "investment", "business", "help business" and "help business integration" road of operation, and the business hand in hand, and achieve win-win situation. Starting today, peacock watch global partner recruitment,Recruitment hotline: 400-7909-888.