Meet Chinese watch wisdom - Peacock tourbillon T.S series sparkling debut international watch culture week

The sustainable development of Chinese watch making industry, is bound to the original products of independent intellectual property rights and brand strength to support. However, the process of internationalization of the brand development strategy is still at the beginning stage, to promote the strength of China's watch industry rapid accumulation. insist on innovation driven development strategy is particularly important, peacock watch the new PEACOCK T.S series is one of the representatives of scientific and technological innovation as a watch.

Small clocks, great wisdom, watches are small, but their complex internal process is worth every consumer careful tasting,From June 22nd to June 25th\China's largest watch and jewelry professional exhibition - China Shenzhen international watch culture week, peacock T.S series watches will debut.


Watch wisdom, Art beats nature

Tourbillon watch represents the highest level in the manufacturing process of mechanical watches, and the tourbillon mechanism can effectively correct the errors caused by the gravity force on the clocks and watches. Peacock T.S series as the peacock watch circle, the peacock half hollow Tourbillon movement with independent intellectual property rights, the complex movements of Jane, people can see through the rotation of the gear.

The movement is made up of 146 parts. It has 19 precious stones. Each plywood is polished and decorated with different lines. It displays the high precision, new structure, multi-level and innovative and beautiful tabulation concept. The whole movement took two years, and won the patent technology of movement design.


Soulmate, excellence

With a high standard of Peacock T.S series watches, naturally will not give up in the art design space.
Its appearance is designed and created by a master of oil painting. The space of the dial is divided evenly along the central axis, showing symmetrical aesthetics,The curve of the lower layer is similar to the motion track of the heavenly bodies in the universe, and symbolizes the source of time.
Using a new type of carbon fiber case, light weight, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the new road development fashion movement tourbillon, Tourbillon also overturn the heavy position, injected fresh blood to the younger tourbillion family.
With the "peacock Tourbillon both inside and outside", a bold attempt to a variety of color: four kinds of sports style "red (red), warm male (yellow), geeks (blue), the influx of coffee (green)" respectively shows four DNA unique identity information; three business elite style "Knight (rose gold) and the leader (Yin Bai), a yuppie (black) are suitable for business, industry elite, handsome gentleman upstart three different identity wear. Elegance and movement coexist, creating a new chapter of tourbillon technology.


Liaoning peacock watch was founded in 1957, experienced a "hard to find a table" blitz in difficult times, has gone through the difficult, with independent research and development for many years has always adhered to, has become the largest domestic mechanical watch movement, supporting the strongest, the highest grade of products manufacturing base.
From June 22nd to June 25th, peacock watch will display Peacock T.S series watches with high precision, new structure, multi-level and innovative aesthetic tabulation concept, which will be unveiled in Shenzhen international watch culture week. This week is watch watch and jewelry professional exhibition the largest Chinese mainland, in 1988 exhibition, has been held for 26 sessions, to watch the product rich and complete organization of professional and international famous watch professional exhibition after Basel Watch Fair, Hongkong fair of the world's third largest watch exhibition, China the biggest.
Good products need to be known to more people and see the top level, not only do the Chinese peacock watch watch industry, but also to the quality of Tourbillon popularization for the mission, "the world Chinese watch Peacock" led to the world art.